Why Vegan

Why Vegan?

There are a lot of wrong information about Veganism and being Vegan in the internet, but if you do your research properly, internet cab be a rich source of information about Animal Rights, Veganism and Environment.

There are many reasons for you to start your journey towards Veganism and to live a balanced and joyful life.

The main reasons that you can go Vegan are as follows:

  • For the animals,
  • For your health,
  • For the environment,
  • For other people,
  • For moral issues.

As you can see above there are a few reasons to become vegan. Each one of them are well documented over the years in hundreds of well written books and scientific papers.

My Opinion

For me, the main reason is to reduce or even better to eliminate animal exploitation and suffering once and for all.

Animals are sentient creatures like us and they have the same right to life and freedom, we are all earthlings living and sharing this blue planet.

Avoiding animal products like flesh, eggs, cheese, leather, honey and et cetera once and for all, is the most efficient and obvious way to stop animal cruelty and exploitation.

Being Vegan is not about valuing animal life more than human life, but it is about granting the right to live free from harm and exploitation to all of us.

Veganism is about trying to live without causing harm to other creatures and the environment.


If you like numbers, know that more than 56,000,000,000 (56 billion) animals are killed every year for flesh, dairy, and eggs.

Some people believe that consuming “Free Range”, “Organic” or “Humanely-Raised-Animals” is the best that they can do, however, animals suffer from the day that they are born up until their murder in the slaughterhouses. If you are a truly animal lover, you should Go Vegan.

Read the fantastic booklet from Vegan Outreach – Why Vegan? to find more information and please 🙂 don’t forget to share the love.

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