A few tips about cats not dogs
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A few tips about cats not dogs

A few tips about cats not dogs

Dog lovers wouldn’t want to know about cats right? But hey! It never hurt anyone to just have a quick glance on the other side of the fence. Nevertheless, if you are a true dog lover the mere thought of owning a cat may well be the last thing on your list of priorities. This little piece of text probably will bring to light some new things to consider about cats but not dogs.

Have you ever asked yourself why do you prefer dogs over cats? You well may need to consider that you have been influenced by your family or friends. Their preference automatically became your own preference. And if you find out that their preference came from their family.

However, by keeping an open mind, you will discover that felines are not “devil personified” as you may have been taught since you’re a kid.

One of the main tales passed on through over the years has been the myth that a feline will steal your baby’s breath away. Many years ago this type of myth was named an “old wife’s tale”. There is no scientific basis whatsoever for this kind of reasoning.

Many experts feel when a cat gets into an baby’s face, it is simply to satisfy its natural animal instinct; for wanting to know what’s new in its life. Felines are creatures of habit and when sudden changes come into their life, it takes them time to get used to the change. There is no intention to harm the infant.

Cats but not dogs, they have a tendency to be independent. Often times though the cat is just upset because something new in his life has just occurred. You’ll learn this by just observing the way the feline reacts if you move or just change the food and water bowl. In most cases if you move the bowl back to its original place, your cat will quickly get over the issue.

What is most impossible to believe, specially for a dog lover is that cats can be trained, just as well or even better than most canines. It’s true though that cats may not be trained to be police cats or rescue animals, but they can be well trained to perform the following:
• Walk on a leash
• Fetch
• Walk on balance beam
• Beg
• Play dead
• Roll over
• And many other tricks

A great variety of cats, independent of their breed, are extremely loyal to their owner and the owner’s family. Cats can sense the energy or mood changes in the air, as a human may have. Cats are very sensitive to anger and high stressful environments and situations. It is very normal for them to try and comfort you when you are lonely and sad.

Another misconception that many dog owners have, is that felines are not affectionate. Huge mistake! These wonderful little cats love to be loved and give a lot of love in return. When you come back home in an evening, they may not start jump all over you and wag their tails, but they will be rubbing and purring to get your attention.

As curiosity, did you know that cat’s talk to you? Well, they communicate with vocal sounds and they also use their body language for different situations. Cat experts believe that every sound a cat can make has a truly meaning. Such as:
1. Meowing – Attention needed
2. Caterwauling – Warning
3. Purring – Contentment

As you observe closely and listen to your cat you’ll start to pick up on their “talking”

Finally my dear reader, you will find that if you keep your mind open to new adventures, a cat can be a very welcome addition to your family if they love pets. A Cat not dog may well be your next pet.

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