Misconceptions about Neutering
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Misconceptions about Neutering

There are many pet owners that won’t neuter their male pets. Perhaps they transfer their emotions about the procedure onto their pets and decide that it’s a cruel and unnecessary punishment. However they avoid neutering their pets because they’ve heard one or more of the many misconceptions about the neutering procedure. Despite all these rumors and myths, neutering is a responsible procedure that won’t harm the health of your dog, cat or any pet at all. Follows some of the corrected misconceptions that keep many owners from having their dogs neutered.

* Your dog/cat will not become depressed for lack of sex. Pets aren’t humans and they don’t feel the same way about sex that humans do. They won’t miss the intimacy or the romance, like some people believe. As much as some people seem to think otherwise, they are animals, and their drive for sex is only instinct. Not having sex will not harm, or depress them.

* Your pet will not become weak or effeminate. Neutering does not affect a pet’s physical abilities or strength. In fact, neutering removes the sexual instinct that has some pets climbing the walls. Neutering can correct many of the behavioral problems caused by the sex instinct in some pets, especially in households with one or more pets and in a household with female pets as well as people.

* Your dog will still bark at strangers, if it does now: The belief that a neutered dog will no longer make a good guard dog is utterly ridiculous. It’s a clear case of humans passing off misguided beliefs about masculinity and strength onto dogs. If the dog happened to be born sterile, would that make it less a dog, or less suited to be a watch dog? Of course not.

* Neutering is a responsible and loving thing for any pet owner to have done: Many people use the argument that neutering an animal is unnatural and unfair. But if you follow that to its logical conclusion, then having a pet isn’t natural either, right? Dogs used to be wild pack animals, so humans keeping a dog and providing for all its care is just as unnatural. Look at it another way. Your pet relies on you to take care of him. You feed him, pet him and take it to the vet when necessary. Neutering your pet can protect him. A female pet in heat can make a male pet run from its owner to reach her, possibly getting him lost or putting it in danger on a busy street. Male pets act different and more aggressively around females. Neutering your pets eliminates these dangers.

* Another misconception is that your pet will get fat or stop being active: If you don’t overfeed your pet and neglect to take him for walks, your pet can’t suddenly bloat up after being neutered. This is a popular misconception because it does happen sometimes, but it’s not because of the surgery, but rather the habits of the owner. Just be sure to feed your pet the proper amount of food, and make sure him gets plenty of exercise.

I really hope that will help you on making the right decision when they time it comes.

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