Giraffes may be headed for extinction as their numbers are on a rapid decline. Sadly, the giraffe’s demise has gone mostly unnoticed in the scientific community.

The Scientific American notes that the giraffe population has declined over 40 percent in the last 15 years. The decline is the result of habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, overhunting, and poaching. Sadly, it seems that the giraffe decline took place without much public awareness or attention from scientists. The Scientific American notes that this is in stark contrast with declining elephant populations which receive large amounts of media attention, even though the situation for the giraffe may actually be more dire.

“For comparison’s sake, while there are warnings and alarm bells ringing about the imminent extinction of the African elephant as a result of the poaching crisis—a situation not in any way to be minimized—there are an estimated 450,000 African elephants compared to 80,000 giraffe.”

Even with the giraffe population quickly disappearing, even scientists have been somewhat silent on the issue. The Scientific American notes that a Google Scholar search found fewer than 70 papers about giraffes published so far this decade, compared to 160 for the African elephant.

The World Giraffe Foundation is a volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the well-being and survival of giraffes through science, conservation and education for present and future generations.

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The organization is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, which establishes the policies to be followed in carrying out the purposes and objectives of the Foundation and have general charge of the business affairs and activities of the organization.

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