In the late 1950’s there was a growth in the use of live animals in laboratory research. At that time, a small group of people decided upon a new approach – a new Charity which would work WITH medical researchers in order to develop skills and techniques which would replace the use of animals in medical research. This charity was The Lawson Tait Trust, in time THE HUMANE RESEARCH TRUST took on and expanded most of its roles.

The Trust relies entirely upon voluntary fundraising efforts. It is run by a Board of Trustees, all of whom are from different walks of life but are not active in medical research, and this Board is advised by a panel of scientific experts to ensure rigorous scrutiny of all applications.

The funds raised are used for pioneering projects which cannot obtain support from other sources and which lead to both improvement in medical research techniques and the replacement of animal methodology.

The Trust has financed University research fellowships and other projects, covering a wide area of techniques and human diseases, and has an excellent record of successfully bringing about change for the benefit of both people and animals. In many cases, innovative research would not have been able to proceed without our support.

The Trust is recognized and respected at the main UK hospital and university medical research institutes. It has also promoted scientific conferences and has published books, with contributions from the country’s leading research scientists.

The Trust has grant commitments until 2016 giving a multi-million pound investment in non-animal medical research.

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