The Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter Foundation, the largest animal shelter in Hungary, has been actively rescuing abandoned, tortured and abused animals since 1992. The shelter provides a home for approximately 1000 animals at the moment: dogs, cats, goats, sheep, emus, rabbits, guinea pigs, hens, ducks, geese, wild boars, raccoons, horses, red deer, pigeons, turtles, cattle, crows, foxes and martens live in the 5ha area, and our shelter is a final home for many of them.

From the beginnings to present day

The Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter has been operating since 1992 only on its own financial resources. It attained a foundation status in 2000; however, no financial aid has been provided by state authorities, which means that generous donations and volunteers finance the shelter and the needs of its two-, three- and four-legged inhabitants only out of devotion and enthusiasm.

The shelter was founded by two young people, Zoli and Hédi. They dreamt a world where all animals have the right to live and every one of them is given a second chance, be it an abandoned dog or a rooster escaping the pot. They spared money for years and bought a property, a place to receive and provide a shelter for unlucky, homeless animals – and the residents were coming one after the other, until they counted to several hundred… Hédi and Zoli often had financial difficulties, were forced to sell their family heritage, borrowed money, lived in the flat of friends and family members; nevertheless, the animals always got their food and medical treatment. The situation is, unfortunately, not much better today: Zoli and Hédi sold their last family property in 2008 to be able to pay for the debts of the shelter, and now they live at the shelter together with the animals, in a small room. And they don’t regret it for a moment, as the most important thing is to provide the abused animals everything they need to survive. Hedi later took another direction in her life, but Zoli still protects and saves the animals. He and his family lives at the shelter in a small wooden house, but they say they do not mind, just to have everything the animals need.

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