Dogs in Brazil is a shelter devoted to saving street dogs in Brazil. We take in injured/diseased dogs that desperately need human help after being abandoned by their owners or born in the streets. We started our work here in Brazil 12 years ago but only became an official charity after the devastating Floods that occurred in January 2011.

On this day our lives changed forever, emotions and strength were stretched to the limit. Brazil was hit by the greatest natural disaster precisely where we lived. We woke up and watched the scene unfold, a scary, totally unreal experience.

Houses started to fall off hillsides and the river filled to bursting point. I took pictures of the river the night before, knowing little of the scale of the tragedy about to occur.

It didn’t stop and that morning when we saw the devastation, we immediately began contacting International Aid agencies for help with the displaced and wounded animals.

We never really thought much about our financial situation whilst the rescue attempts were going on. We just marched on doing everything and anything we could.

Since the devastation, we have gained a great amount of support through Facebook and our blog, which has kept our charity operating. We do not believe that animals should be killed because they are homeless and we will never change this view. Our dream is to educate people on de-sexing their animals, and to fight the mindset that street dogs are vermin. To teach that each and every life is precious and that non-kill rescue groups who engage in rescue at grass roots levels with hands on experience, should be supported—not solely the larger, well-known charities, some of which do not practice non-kill policies.

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