About Us – Our Objectives and The People

At the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center, we are dedicated to protect and help endangered Costa Rican wildlife with all means available to us. Our first and foremost goal is to ensure the welfare of the animals at the center and help them recover from both physical and psychological wounds that have arisen from their past suffering. The mission the Rescue Center is based on three steps:

Rescue – Rehabilitation – Release


All the animals at the center have different backgrounds of how they came to be with us and there are no two stories that are ‘the same’. When they arrive, the stories can vary with respect to many different aspects, such as who found them and how they were rescued, how they were treated in the past and their reaction to that treatment in the past and the future, the conditions they are in when they arrive, what type of injury and problem they are struggling with, and what their chances for recovery are.

Sometimes animals are brought in by local people, tourists, or even volunteers, who have found them injured or abandoned in the streets and the wilderness. These rescued animals are often smaller or younger animals, or infants that have lost their mother and would have no chance of survival on their own. The opossums, which have been successfully released, and Feluco, a howler monkey who lost his mother at a very young age, are examples of such rescues. Other animals that arrive at the Rescue Center used to be pets, whose owners were not able to care for them any longer, or – and most often – they have been confiscated from illegal pet trade. This was the case Oscar the goat and the green parrots, respectively. Oscar was brought to the center by his previous owner, who was not able to care for the little goat kid after Oscar’s mother had died when he was just a few days old. The green parrots were either held as pets and confiscated by police, or donated to the center directly by their previous owners.

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