At CompassionWorks International, we believe in kindness, respect, unity, dialogue, community, commitment, strategic action, one world for all beings, neighbors talking to neighbors, and friends sharing with friends. And, like you, we envision a day when all animals are able to live their lives free from unnecessary harm and suffering.

But change for animals will not happen unassisted. The animals enslaved by the entertainment industry, used for medical testing, and slaughtered for their fur, skins, and flesh need our collective voice. They are counting on us to speak loudly, clearly, and effectively on their behalf–to let the world know that they are sentient beings with families, feelings, and a right to freedom.

At CWI, we provide the assistance needed to bring hope to animals. We believe that by implementing professional, strategic actions within our communities, every one of us can be a beacon of light that spreads awareness about the pain and suffering that occurs inside the tanks, under the big tops, within the racetracks, and behind the shuttered doors of factory farms and medical testing facilities.

Who are we? We are you. And our goal is to help you do your good work better!

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