We are a web-based Charity sourcing new, loving homes for currently over 8,000 unwanted and abandoned cats annually from rescue shelters across the UK and Ireland through our ‘Virtual Cat Shelters’. Our on-line homing services are given free of charge to rescue centres large and small, from the numerous independent shelters and rescue groups to branches of the larger organisations. We also help vet practices to find homes for cats left in their care.

Our Mission Statement
To facilitate the rehoming of unowned cats and kittens nationally through cat rescue groups, and to promote kindness to all animals.

Our Objectives
Through the Cat Chat website, we help rescue centres nationwide to find more homes for cats in their care, and encourage more people to adopt rather than buying from a pet-shop or breeder. We are particularly committed to finding homes for the harder-to-home cats, such as older cats, nervous or shy cats, FIV positive cats, and cats who have been in care too long. We believe that there is a home out there for every cat!

We also promote neutering at four months of age, to prevent unplanned litters, and so reduce the future stray population. Despite the constant message of ‘neuter, neuter, neuter!’, rescue centres are still continually full with stray, abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens. There are many thousands of cats in rescue care across the UK and Ireland right now, and we will do all we can to help that situation.

We believe that by encouraging adoption and neutering, that one day, every cat will be a wanted cat.

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