Our dedicated team of staff, advisors and patrons come from a strong background in animal protection, welfare and conservation. Supported by researchers and investigators who are experts in their field, a team of volunteers, and our generous members and donors, the team’s multi-faceted experience allows for our continued success in CAPS’ campaigning work.

n 2004, we commissioned the first ever scientific study of public aquaria. The result was a damning indictment of this previously overlooked part of the zoo industry. While the industry tried hard to rubbish the study, the influential International Zoo News reported favourably on it and the government distributed it to local authorities and zoo inspectors.

While most of our work concentrates on UK issues, our investigators have filmed zoos and circuses around Europe and in 2006 we launched a new campaign against animal circuses in Ireland, working with campaigners there.

2009 through to early 2011 saw CAPS media presence grow significantly with large-scale exposés bringing to light the reality of the life of zoo animals. Our investigations led to high profile zoos and safari parks being publicly exposed as being in breach of licensing laws, breeding animals for sale to circuses and the re-homing of animals previously kept in appalling conditions in an illegal zoo. As the profile of CAPS grows, so does its ability to spread its message far and wide – reaching new supporters and influencing new audiences.

The work and expertise of CAPS is widely recognised by other organisations and a testament to this is the acceptance of prestigious awards, given by the RSPCA to three previous CAPS Directors for their work in animal protection. Today, we work in partnership with a growing network of organisations and individuals who share our aims and objectives.

Few organisations can announce that 60 years on they are still campaigning strongly for animals with the same passion and commitment as its founders. Amongst those that can, CAPS stands proud.

If there is a need for CAPS to remain active in 2057, you can guarantee that we will remain at the forefront of the no-compromise stance against animal cruelty. Your support will ensure that CAPS will always be there for the animals as long they need help.

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