Bianca was officially created on 17th July 2002.

First, it had neither kennel nor any other physical structure. Its work was based on private houses and hotels for animals.
In 2006 our kennel was opened – with a capacity for 50 animals. Today we have almost 300 dogs and 40 cats ……

Today Bianca is an Organization recognized as Public Utility Status. We are responsable persons and highly motivated, with lots of experience, as volunteers and Directors.

We devote on a voluntary basis, our time, our personal life, our sources, at the expense of our familie, to improve the living standards of abandoned and mistreated dogs in Sesimbra, Portugal, united under the premise of upgrading the animal welfare practices in Portugal, specialy in our area Sesimbra.

We run a shelter all year without no rest at weekend and holidays, and we link the dogs to hundreds of potential new owners through our network of animal associations in northern Europe.

We don’t want to be a deposit place for animals. They deserve much more than that!

Nevertheless, every week many animals are abandoned at the door of our kennel or in its vicinity.

Bianca’s mission is to save abandoned animals and animals in risk situations in the region of Sesimbra. We want to save them, give them a temporary shelter, treat the sick ones, vaccinate them and finally find new, responsible owners. The adoptions are done on the basis of an adoption contract.

Bianca Association sensibilises the public over the serious problem of animal overpopulation and the importance of sterilising and castrating of animals.

Bianca undertakes also pedagogical activities directed towards children and young people in the schools where we make presentations and meetings with animals. We also offer them activities in our shelter where they can get involved in animal care during their free time.

We need support for help more animals as possible, because Sesimbra is one of the worst areas in Portugal concerning abandoned and mistreated animals.

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