ARO field staff are hard at work in poverty stricken township and informal settlement communities across the Cape, collecting animals for sterilisation. So far this year, ARO has sterilised 652 animals from impoverished communities including Wesbank and many other township communities. Working individually and together with other Cape Animal Welfare Forum member organisations, ARO has worked tirelessly to sterilise animals and reduce the numbers of unwanted puppies and kittens being born. At the same time, ARO offers a fully equipped hospital which is able to admit sick and suffering animals. ARO encourages people to “pay something” towards their pet’s care, even if it is R10, as it is essential that people learn the responsibility related to caring for a pet and do not depend on a hand out. However, for ARO the needs of the animal come first and ARO will never jeopardise our commitment to their welfare.

From dogs and cats but also owls, squirrels and all sorts of birds and little Duikers ~ ARO has an open door to these little creatures! We have sadly seen a lot of unwanted caged pets ~ a desperate “fall out” from pet shops and back yard breeders who care little for the over population crisis and continue to sell breeding pairs to unsuspecting customers. This generally ends up in either cage death or dumping of unwanted pets when it all becomes too much responsibility. The moral of the story is do not get pets unless your are dedicated to care for them for the rest of their lives.

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