Our mission is to help abandoned and sick animals in the Algarve, to provide veterinary treatment, neuter, socialise and to re-home.

It is estimated that there are 10,000 abandoned animals in the Algarve region, the following is our immediate response to this serious problem.

We are initiating the construction of three shelters near to Loule to house approximately 600 animals. The first phase of this project in Cabanita is already under way and will be fully operational by the end of August. When full this shelter will house 200 animals in fully insulated buildings. Another two sites have been found and are under consideration to accommodate another 400 animals.

It is our intention also to inform the local population of the need to neuter their animals. It is difficult with the older generation but there is hope with the younger people. For instance, recently an eleven year old boy found four abandoned puppies and left them at a veterinary clinic saying that he knew his parents would kill them if he took them home! They have been fostered, veterinary treated and re-homed.

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