Animal Care in Egypt (ACE) is a charity dedicated to helping stop the suffering of thousands of animals in the poorest communities of Luxor by providing free veterinary care and education.

We provide:

Free veterinary treatment
Stables for horses and donkeys so they can recieve treatment and recover
Washing facilities for showering animals to remove dirt that can increase rubbing from tack
Routine dentistry so animals are able to eat properly
Farriery for preventative foot care helping donkeys and horses avoid crippling lameness
De-worming for dogs and cats
Emergency care for cattle, sheep and camels.
We have seen how even only a little time and few resources we can help prevent suffering, not only of the working animals but also domestic and wild animals too. We helped over 29,000 animals in 2015. Alongside providing free veterinary treatment, we use and teach preventative methods, as well as educate children and adults on care and welfare of animals. We make a real difference to the lives of animals in Luxor and the surrounding area and ensure the livelihoods of people in poor communities who are so reliant on the their animals.

We have a local teacher that educates a different class of up to 50 students, from the schools in Luxor, four times a week. They are taught that animals feel pain and how to care for them. They learn to be kind and respectful to all living creatures. This is vital for the long term improvement of animal welfare in the area.

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