We are the SOS Amazon, an NGO with a mission to defend the Amazon.

SOS Amazon Association is the result of a popular expression. The organization was created in the 1980s, a time when deforestation of the Amazon began to be disseminated internationally and rubber tappers in Acre were threatened to be tying the devastation of forests.

On September 30, 1988, a group of 35 people in the city of Rio Branco, including teachers, students, civil servants and representatives of the social movement, created the SOS Amazon, the main objective, to protect the Amazon rainforest, supporting traditional populations.

With membership of representatives of social movements, the SOS Amazon Chico Mendes was one of the founders. Since then, the group went on to denounce, raise awareness and mobilize society to face the growing aggression suffered by the Amazon rainforest.

SOS Amazon has a strong presence in the state of Acre and border areas, with offices in Acre municipalities Rio Branco, the Southern Cross and Thaumaturgo Marechal, with activities in the Serra do Divisor National Park and Extractive Reserve Alto Juruá.

Since its creation develops projects, proposes and implements public policies focused on diffusion models and practices for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. Gained experience and capacity for protected areas management (CUs), is also a reference in the development of environmental education, recycling of solid waste and voluntary participation in councils and committees to regulatory laws and public programs management.

And to further strengthen its action in protected areas, the past eight years, also gained experience in enhancing technical assistance and rural extension to traditional communities, reaching approximately two thousand riverine families in Vale do Juruá.

The institutional action is guided by a code of ethics, strategic planning, internal controls described in the Manual of Procedures and transparent and audited financial accounting management, combined with the different technical and political initiatives; matters recognized by different government partners, NGOs, social movements and international organizations. Such conduct assured SOS AMAZON the ‘Award Very Efficient’ institutional management, awarded by Kanitz & Associados in 2004 to 50 nonprofits that better manage their resources in the country, with transparency and seriousness.

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