Street animals have no hope of veterinary care when they become ill or injured on the roads. They suffer in agony and many endure long lingering deaths.

With every unwanted litter born, the full cycle of suffering and misery continues.

Our project in the south of the country is a unique facility for street animals in Sri Lanka. As well as providing a tranquil and loving sanctuary base run to western standards and protocols for vulnerable strays that are unable to cope on the streets, we also have an emergency on-site veterinary clinic which enables us to provide lifesaving veterinary treatment to sick and injured strays, surgical facilities for sterilisations, and quality veterinary care for our resident animals.

We endeavour to work to the highest standards of animal welfare and believe that strays who are often weak with disease and neglect, should receive postoperative care after sterilisation as well as pre-operative assessment, including blood screening for blood parasite diseases. These procedures are not routinely conducted in Sri Lanka with fatal consequences for some strays.

Conducting humane and co-ordinated sterilisation programmes is crucial to stabilise the stray population and not only reduces the numbers of unwanted litters of pups and kittens born to a life of suffering on the streets, but also improves the health and wellbeing of the animals.

The risks of womb infections, rabies, mammary and testicular tumours, prostate problems, transmissible venereal tumours, dog fighting, are all reduced with spaying and neutering.

There are also benefits to local communities and the environment. We believe that locals will be more accepting and tolerant of healthier, sterilised, and vaccinated strays living within their communities.

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