Animal Charities South America

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A list of Animal Charities in South America


Igualdad Interespecie

Igualdad Interespecie es un santuario para animales considerados “de granja”. Nuestra misión es dar un hogar seguro y permanente a animales esclavizados que han tenido la fortuna de ser rescatado
+55 (24) 99242-4066

Santuário das Fadas

The Santuário das Fadas is a place that rescues and welcomes, mainly farm animals victims of mistreatment, neglect and abuse. In the Sanctuary these animals arrive often debilitated and without any d
+55 (12)9 8134 5465

GAP - Grande Protecao aos Primatas

From the biological point of view, between two human beings there can be a difference of 0,5% in the DNA. Between a man and a chimpanzee this difference is only 1,23%. This similarity is proved, for i
+55 68 3223-1036

SOS Amazon

We are the SOS Amazon, an NGO with a mission to defend the Amazon. SOS Amazon Association is the result of a popular expression. The organization was created in the 1980s, a time when deforestation o


History All founding members of Merazonia have a background in volunteering and worked as volunteers at several wildlife centres throughout the continent, before joining forces and embarking on a new

El Puma Ecological Park

El Puma Ecological Park is located in the small town of Candelaria which is approximately 12 miles from the city of Posadas. Candelaria, located on the Rio Parana, is known for its mystical Jesuit rui
(11) 3031-6991

ARCA Brasil

Em 23 anos de atuação, os projetos, eventos e outras ações da ARCA BRASIL-Associação Humanitária de Proteção e Bem-Estar Animal, entidade não governamental sem fins lucrativos, independente

Dogs in Brazil

Dogs in Brazil is a shelter devoted to saving street dogs in Brazil. We take in injured/diseased dogs that desperately need human help after being abandoned by their owners or born in the streets. We