Animal News
  • Vandals Kill Hundreds of Thousands of Honey Bees
    Because it gets too chilly for them at their home in California’s Central Valley, 200,000 honey bees spend each winter on the property of Mike Hickenbottom, who lives in Prunedale, a little coastal town about 100 miles south of San Francisco. But 200,000 of those honey bees didn’t survive the winter this year, and it […]... Read more »
  • Daily Cute: Kitten Chases Falling Snowflakes
    This kitten is determined to catch as many falling snowflakes as he can!... Read more »
  • 10 Fascinating Facts About Squirrels
    In a recent viral video that’s as funny as it is scary, loud music plays in an upstate New York kitchen as two police officers enter the room. The homeowner had called the Brockport Police Department to complain that a squirrel was eating cookies and refusing to budge. A child tells Officers Joshua Sime and […]... Read more »
  • Meet the Swedish Zoo That Routinely Kills Healthy Lion Cubs
    Lions are considered a vulnerable species, so how is that lion cubs are viewed as a burden? In the past five years, Boras Djurpark, a Swedish zoo has euthanized nine healthy lion cubs. Now a popular Care2 petition is calling on the zoo to give up on housing lions altogether and send their remaining lions […]... Read more »
  • Switzerland Forbids Boiling Lobsters Alive, Citing Animal Cruelty Concerns
    Restaurants in Switzerland offering lobster and crab on the menu will no longer be able to toss the live creatures into boiling water. The Swiss government has decided that's too cruel a way to die.... Read more »
  • Success! The Vancouver Aquarium Will No Longer Keep Whales and Dolphins in Captivity
    Animal advocates are celebrating another victory for whales and dolphins: Vancouver Aquarium has announced that it’s giving up its fight to keep them in captivity. The announcement follows a string of recent deaths that have intensified the debate surrounding captive cetaceans there. In November 2016, the two remaining belugas, Aurora and her calf Qila, died […]... Read more »
  • Chris Brown Facing Jail Time for Illegal Pet Monkey
    People were outraged last month when Chris Brown reportedly gave his 3-year-old daughter a baby capuchin monkey as a Christmas present. His daughter, Royalty, can be seen cradling the monkey in a video Brown posted on Instagram. “Is this your baby? He’s going to be bigger than you,” he can be heard telling her off camera. […]... Read more »
  • Daily Cute: Snoring Pug Puppies Sleep the Day Away
    There's nothing like a snoozing pile of pugs!... Read more »
  • Tiny Florida Sparrow Could Go Extinct This Year
    Scientists and conservationists are sounding the alarm for a rare sparrow who they believe is in danger of disappearing from the landscape forever …possibly as soon as this year. The Florida grasshopper sparrow is a non-migratory bird who is found only in the prairie region of south-central Florida. They were listed as endangered by the […]... Read more »
  • 5 Easy Ways to Combine Dog Walking and Exercise
    It's National Dog Walking Month, and for the seventh straight year, pet obesity is on the rise. While weight gain is a complicated -- and highly stigmatized -- issue, most pets could benefit from walking more. As humans dive into New Years' resolutions to get moving, here are some practical ways to incorporate more physical activity into your pet's life too.... Read more »
  • Success! Norway Pledges to Ban Fur Farming
    Norway -- which was once the world's largest fur producer -- has announced plans to ban fur farming completely by 2025.... Read more »
  • Daily Cute: Young Parrot Cuddles Up to Cat
    Carlos the parrot has found the perfect snuggle buddy!... Read more »
  • New Bill in Florida Would Officially Ban Orca Shows and Breeding
    Animal advocates are applauding the introduction of a major bill that would officially ban orca captivity in Florida. Public opposition to keeping orcas in captivity continues to grow. Since the film Blackfish made its debut, many people have learned the problems with keeping orcas in captivity, and have continued to speak out against the practice. While we celebrated a […]... Read more »
  • Daily Cute: Great Dane Welcomes Mustangs to Sanctuary
    Barkley loves making these wild horses feel comfortable in their new home!... Read more »
  • Elephant Calf Dies a Day After Villagers Take Selfies With Him
    Oh yes, prepare yourself -- it’s another animal selfie death story. This one happened near India’s Omkar Forest Range in the Bandipur Forest Reserve. This time a baby elephant was the unfortunate victim of human stupidity.... Read more »
  • 8 Fun Facts About Octopi — Or Is It Octopuses?
    The octopus is one of nature's most delightful oddities: an eight-armed, wildly intelligent, oddly graceful creature that's fascinated storytellers, chefs and cephalopod fans for generations. How much do you know about my favorite sea citizen? Find out with these fun octopus facts.... Read more »
  • Daily Cute: These Bunnies Are Parkour Masters
    These pet rabbits have the speed and agility to perform some pretty amazing stunts!... Read more »
  • Idaho’s ‘Ag Gag’ Law Deemed Unconstitutional in Landmark Decision
    In a victory for animal welfare advocates, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals found Idaho’s 2014 “ag-gag” law unconstitutional. The precedent-setting January 4, 2018 decision affirmed in part and reversed in part a lower court ruling. The good news is the court upheld the lower court’s finding that Idaho’s law is unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds.... Read more »
  • Rescued Search Dogs Help Save Survivors of Deadly Montecito Mudslides
    Many people living in Montecito, a community just south of Santa Barbara, went to bed worry-free the night of Jan. 8. Although TV weathercasters had warned that an approaching winter storm could dump an inch of rain an hour, the area where they lived was under only voluntary evacuation orders. The residents probably figured they […]... Read more »
  • Animal Control Officers Spend Night Outdoors to Raise Awareness of Cold Weather Dangers
    Despite temperatures dipping down to historic lows, some neglectful pet owners apparently think it’s fine to leave their dogs and cats outdoors on these subfreezing winter nights. I’m not sure what they could possibly be thinking – do they really believe their pet’s fur will keep them warm? “A lot of times when people become […]... Read more »