Animal News
  • 7 Ways to Keep Your Pets Warm this Winter
    With winter coming, pet lovers might be concerned about keeping their furry friends warm this festive season. Here are seven ways you can make sure your pets don’t catch a chill. Warm Tip 1: Beef up Your Pet’s Bedding and Shelters Have a small furry friend like a rabbit or a guinea pig? Make sure […]... Read more »
  • Coalition Speaks Up to Stop National Wildlife Killing Contest
    Animal advocates are taking action to stop a barbaric coyote killing contest, which is one of the first to take this cruelty nationwide. These contests, which are also known as drives, tournaments or derbies, reward people of all ages with cash prizes and weapons for killing the biggest and most animals. Sadly, coyotes, who have been left without […]... Read more »
  • World’s Oldest Wild Bird to Give Birth Yet Again
    Defying all expectations, 68-year-old Wisdom, a Laysan albatross, has returned home to the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge and laid yet another egg.... Read more »
  • Scientists Not Amused by Endangered Monk Seal with Eel in Its Nose
    Scientists are baffled by a recent trend of juvenile Hawaiian monk seals with eels stuck in their noses. Could it be the seal equivalent of human teens eating Tide pods?... Read more »
  • Loyal Dog Stays at Home’s Burned Ruins for a Month
    Just how loyal are dogs? An Anatolian shepherd mix who somehow survived the devastating Camp Fire refused to leave the ruins of his home in Paradise for weeks.... Read more »
  • Daily Cute: Lucky Duck
    This duck is loving the petting sesh with their human!... Read more »
  • This Year’s Christmas Bird Count is About to Begin
    Thousands of bird-loving volunteers are gearing up for this year’s 119th annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC), which is set to begin on December 14 and runs through January 5. Every year the National Audubon Society organizes this event, where participants of all skill levels gather data on birds during what is now the longest-running wildlife […]... Read more »
  • Should You Really Leave Food and Water for Wildlife After Fires?
    When horrendous wildfires break out, many of us think of the wildlife: How will animals survive? Even after fleeing the flames, they'll be wandering through a charred moonscape with no food and water, right?... Read more »
  • Investigation Puts Petland Back in the Spotlight for Cruelty to Puppies
    Petland is back in the spotlight yet again thanks to an undercover investigation that has exposed its troubling treatment of puppies, and highlights some of the many problems with buying dogs from pet stores. With 80 locations, Petland is  the largest chain that peddles puppies in the U.S., and it’s certainly had a problematic history […]... Read more »
  • Daily Cute: Jump Roping Dogs
    Bored with your usual jump rope workout? Maybe get your dogs involved, like this guy!... Read more »
  • Adorable Emu and Donkey Best Friends Find Their Forever Home With a TV Actor
    When an abandoned donkey and emu fell in love, it took a television bad guy to make sure they’d never have to be apart.... Read more »
  • Famous L.A. Mountain Lion Survived Woolsey Fire but Died Weeks Later
    P-64 was famous for safely crossing busy Los Angeles freeways dozens of times. But the "Culvert Cat" was unable to survive in the aftermath of a wildfire.... Read more »
  • Daily Cute: Why did the Salmon Cross the Road?
    It's not clear why these salmon are choosing to traverse a roadway rather than swim upstream in a river, but it's amazing to watch.... Read more »
  • Every Species of Sea Turtle is Now Eating Plastic
    Scientists have already raised concerns that it takes just a single piece of plastic to kill a sea turtle, but a troubling new study is shedding light on just how widespread the problem is for this beloved species. For the study, which was just published in the journal Global Change Biology, researchers from the University […]... Read more »
  • Left to Starve, Great Dane Gnaws Off His Own Foot to Survive
    A South Carolina dog left to starve in his own backyard was in such a desperate state that he gnawed off his own foot.... Read more »
  • Fish Skin is Healing Pets Burned in California Wildfire
    Four cats and four dogs burned during California's Camp Fire have become the first pets ever to be treated with tilapia skin.... Read more »
  • Daily Cute: Have You Seen this Giant Cow That’s not a Cow?
    This "giant cow" is actually a steer, but regardless, it's kind of cool to see him towering over the other cows on this Australian farm.... Read more »
  • Trump Administration’s Getting Sued for Failing to Protect Giraffes
    Animal advocacy and conservation organizations are taking the Trump administration to court for failing to protect giraffes who are suffering from what’s been dubbed a “silent extinction.” Although they might be one of the most easily recognizable and beloved animals on earth, giraffes have been quietly disappearing at an alarming rate. Since the mid-1980s, their […]... Read more »
  • 5 Reasons Not to Buy a Puppy for Christmas
    Bow-topped puppies look so cute under the tree, but here are five reasons to make a different gift choice this Christmas.... Read more »
  • What You Need to Know About the Latest Dog Food Recall
    The Food and Drug Administration has just issued a broad-sweeping recall for dog food that contains dangerous amounts of vitamin D. While the vitamin is a nutritional essential for dogs -- as well as humans -- if they have too much in their diet, they can develop potentially deadly kidney failure.... Read more »