Animal News
  • Why Mexican Gray Wolves Need Us to Come Together Again
    By Jamie Rappaport Clark, President & CEO, Defenders of Wildlife Twenty years ago, on a snowy Alpine mountain in the Apache National Forest, I stood next to 11 metal crates. Alongside me were scientists, journalists, Native American leaders and dozens of passionate wolf advocates. It was the culmination of years of work, thousands of hours […]... Read more »
  • 10 Most Loved Endangered Species Are at a Higher Risk of Extinction Than We Think
    Some of the world’s most beloved animals are endangered species who are facing a growing risk of extinction, but we see them everywhere every single day. Researchers fear that the variety of representations we continuously encounter are creating a false sense that they’re doing alright when that’s not the case at all. To come to […]... Read more »
  • This Young Sperm Whale Died Because We Can’t Stop Using Plastic
    Sperm whales are among the largest species of whales inhabiting the earth’s oceans, but even at their size, they are not immune to the impact of plastic waste that makes its way into their environment. Recently, researchers wanted to learn more about a young male sperm whale who was found dead on a beach in […]... Read more »
  • EPA Recommends Transitioning Away From Animal Testing
    Good news from federal agencies can feel like a rarity these days, but this dispatch from the Environmental Protection Agency is an excellent reminder that staffers deep in the government are hard at work to build a better world. In draft guidance on skin allergy testing for pesticides and industrial chemicals, the EPA is encouraging researchers to move away from the use of animal models.... Read more »
  • Undercover Video Reveals Deadly Impact of Drift Nets on California Marine Life
    California’s drift-net fishery is under fire from a coalition of marine conservation and animal protection groups. These wildlife advocates released a damning undercover video last week, revealing just how often innocent marine life dies because of drift nets.... Read more »
  • Was Your Rescue Dog Really Bought from a Puppy Mill?
    According to a disturbing Washington Post report, some rescue groups and shelters are buying dogs and puppies from puppy mills.... Read more »
  • Daily Cute: Rescue Weasel vs. A Hand
    Ozzy is a super adorable rescue weasel who loves "fighting" his owner's hand.... Read more »
  • UK’s ‘Last Lion Tamer’ is Denied a License to Perform
    Animal advocates are celebrating news that a big cat trainer with a troubling history has been denied a license to use his two lions and a tiger in performances in England. Thomas Chipperfield, who is known as “Britain’s last lion tamer,” has remained in the spotlight over the years for his controversial shows involving big […]... Read more »
  • 5 Great Reasons to End Dolphin Captivity
    Whale and dolphin advocates have been fighting against captivity for a long time. Since the documentary Blackfish started making waves, the plight of captive cetaceans has reached a much wider audience -- and has forced us to take a hard look at whether or not this practice is something we should be supporting.... Read more »
  • A New Precedent Was Just Set for Protecting Endangered Animals in Captivity
    Animal advocates are celebrating a major victory with a precedent-setting court ruling that upholds the opinion that endangered animals in captivity deserve the same protections as their wild counterparts. The ruling is the result of a lawsuit filed by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) over the mistreatment of animals at Cricket Hollow Animal Park, […]... Read more »
  • Singapore Pet Store Owner Performs Eye Lifts on $300,000 Fish
    Pet store owner Eugene Ng says it's not cruel to perform eye lifts and "chin jobs" on Asian arowana, the world's most expensive aquarium fish.... Read more »
  • Maryland Research Animals Will Get Adopted – Let’s Make It a National Law
    Finally, there’s some relief for dogs used in scientific research in the state of Maryland. Thanks to a bill passed by state legislatures, facilities that use animals in their tests must now make a good faith effort to find these animals homes afterwards rather than resorting to euthanasia. So long as a veterinarian determines that any […]... Read more »
  • Facebook is Profiting from Illegal Wildlife Traffickers
    While Mark Zuckerberg was testifying before Congress about Facebook providing user information to Cambridge Analytica, additional disturbing news about his company was making headlines.... Read more »
  • Daily Cute: This Dachshund is Clearly a Morning Person
    Don't we all wish we started the day looking as as good as Crusoe the Dachshund?... Read more »
  • Daily Cute: Baby Pug Meets Baby Otters
    The people who rescued these Asian small-clawed otters keep trying to release them into the wild, but the babies keep coming back to live with them. And now they have a puppy friend on the premises!... Read more »
  • Maryland Could Be the Next State to Ban Puppy Mill Sales
    Animal advocates are applauding lawmakers in Maryland for passing legislation that ban the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet stores throughout the state. The Maryland General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to pass a bill (HB 1662), which was introduced by Delegate Ben Kramer that would ban the retail sale of both cats and dogs, and […]... Read more »
  • California Senator Addresses Link Between Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence With New Bill
    The link between animal abuse and human violence has been well-documented, but sometimes it's hard for lawmakers connect the dots when it comes to interrupting this terrible cycle. One California Republican, State Senator Scott Wilk, aims to bridge that gap with a newly-introduced bill designed to disrupt escalating patterns of violence that often start with animals.... Read more »
  • Daily Cute: Maine Coon Hugs a Pug
    This hug goes on for so long, and it's heartwarming. The best part is when they both look at the camera...wait for it!... Read more »
  • Daily Cute: This Piglet and Kitten Love Each Other
    Rescue pig, Dragon, fits right in with the cats. Watch them run, jump, play, and snuggle together.... Read more »
  • Take Action to Save UK Badgers From Cruel and Ineffective Culls
    Two badgers who starred in a wildly popular BBC show could be slaughtered by marksmen currently carrying out a badger cull in England.... Read more »