Animal News
  • First Known Albino Slow Loris is Rescued From the Illegal Wildlife Trade
    While animal advocates are working to raise awareness about how harmful keeping slow lorises as pets is and working to save those they can, they’re now celebrating one of the most unique cases yet – the rescue of the first known albino slow loris in the world. This slow loris had been taken from the […]... Read more »
  • Dogs Rescued from Fighting Ring Reunite at ‘Pity Party’
    Pit bulls rescued from dog fighting and other cases of animal cruelty were adopted into loving homes. A few months later, they had a joyful reunion.... Read more »
  • Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner Resigns Over Photos of Animals He Killed
    Blake Fischer sent colleagues photos of himself smiling next to carcasses of the animals he killed while trophy hunting in Africa, including a baboon family.... Read more »
  • Why Miniature Horses Make Such Great Service Animals
    With news that Southwest is allowing mini horses on flights, here's what to know about these petite equine wonders.... Read more »
  • Pennsylvania Could Be Next to Ban Selling Puppy Mill Dogs in Pet Stores
    While animal advocates continue to work to find homes for adoptable animals and raise awareness about puppy mills, breeders across the country continue to churn out puppies and perpetuate the cycle of cruelty. Now, however, Pennsylvania is poised to become the next state to step up for mill dogs by ending that cycle. A bill […]... Read more »
  • It Could Take 5 Million Years for Mammals to Recover From Our Impact
    Evolve or die, as the saying goes, but for mammals it isn’t going to be quite that simple. At least not according to a new study that concluded we’re wiping out so many of them so quickly that it will take millions of years for them to recover. Over millions of years natural disasters have […]... Read more »
  • Unilever Demands Global Cosmetics Industry Stop Animal Testing
    Perhaps you should sit down for this news. Unilever is finally beginning the shift away from the dark side. The international consumer goods mega-corporation announced on October 9, 2018 that its Dove product line has won cruelty-free accreditation from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA.... Read more »
  • Puerto Rico’s Dogs and Cats Need Help. This Organization Is Stepping Up
    Hurricane Maria nearly doubled the number of strays on the island. Paws4Survival is rehoming them on the mainland.... Read more »
  • UK Launches Global Financial Task Force to Crack Down on Wildlife Trafficking
    Wildlife trafficking has become a major issue and it’s threatening the survival of many species around the world, all while making criminals rich. While governments and conservationists continue to work towards solutions to tackle the illegal trade in wildlife and their parts, a new task force has been launched in the UK to hit traffickers […]... Read more »
  • Hundreds of Wild Horses in California Could End Up in Slaughterhouses
    For the first time in many years, the U.S. government plans to capture nearly 1,000 federally protected wild horses in Northern California.... Read more »
  • More Than 200 Dogs Saved as Another Dog Meat Farm is Closed in South Korea
    Rescuers are celebrating saving more than 200 dogs as another dog meat farm in South Korea is closed down for good. An estimated 2.5 million dogs are raised and slaughtered for their meat every year in South Korea, which is the only country that allows intensive farming of dogs for human consumption. Credit: Jean Chung/HSI While […]... Read more »
  • Mountain Goats that Love Human Pee Airlifted from National Park
    Because they crave the human pee on the trails of Washington's Olympic National Park and hikers have complained about it, mountain goats are being relocated.... Read more »
  • This Orangutan Was Rescued Years Ago as a Baby, Now She’s Finally Going Home
    Orangutans are increasingly facing a host of threats to their survival, but thanks to the compassionate efforts of people working to help save them, many in need are getting the happy endings they deserve. That’s the case for an orangutan named Bunga, who was saved by International Animal Rescue (IAR) back in 2009 when she […]... Read more »
  • Drunk Birds in Minnesota are Flying into Windows
    Some of these drunk birds have consumed the avian equivalent of an entire keg of beer, and experts suspect climate change is behind this growing problem.... Read more »
  • Florida Lawmaker Renews Call to Ban the Use of Orcas in Entertainment
    While we celebrated a major victory when SeaWorld pledged to end captive breeding of orcas and theatrical shows, animal advocates are questioning whether the company is actually serious in light of how it’s continued to use them, and are continuing to work towards making sure it can’t go back on its word. Now, the Animal Legal Defense […]... Read more »
  • 4 Activists Endure Being Branded for World Day for Farmed Animals
    It’s hard to consider some of the things farm animals endure on a regular basis – They’re branded, tagged, castrated, declawed, debeaked and dehorned, detoed, pierced and have their skin stripped, and their tails and other body parts cut off, among other mutilating practices. It’s a lot to think about, but their advocates are continuing […]... Read more »
  • New California Divorce Law Recognizes Pets as Family Members
    A new law will allow judges in divorce cases to determine pet custody based on what's best for the pet rather than which spouse is the legal owner.... Read more »
  • Dog Electrocuted by Metal Utility Cover Wasn’t an Isolated Case
    A puppy in Florida was tragically killed when he stepped on a metal utility cover during a rainstorm. Many other dogs have been shocked in similar situations.... Read more »
  • Meet 5 of the Smartest Animals in the World
    Animal intelligence is a fascinating topic. Let's look at a handful of the smartest animals in the world.... Read more »
  • Japan’s ‘Scientific’ Whaling Program Just Took Another Big Hit
    Japan’s “scientific” whaling program just took another major hit with a decision handed down by a global conservation body that slaughtering sei whales in the North Pacific is illegal. Despite a worldwide moratorium on commercial whaling that was put in place in 1986 by the International Whaling Commission (IWC), Japan has continued with annual whale […]... Read more »